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www full form

WWW Full Form

The Full Form of WWW is World Wide Web. WWW is a network of web servers that store web pages. Actually, it is a set of all the websites connected to the internet worldwide. It is also known as Web. WWW (World Wide Web) is a system of interlinked hypertext documents that are accessed via internet. The document on the web is called web pages. A webpage may contain simple texts, images, hyperlinks, and other multimedia. Web pages are connected to each other by using hyperlinks. You can access web pages with the help of web browsers. A user can jump from one page to another by clicking the hyperlinks. The HTTP protocol is used for communication between browsers and web servers.

Following are the list of the popular web browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari

History of WWW

WWW was launched in 1989 at the European Particle Physics laboratory in Geneva. It is the latest addition on the internet to exchange information. It is a network of web servers that store web pages.

Other WWW Full Form

Here are some other full forms of www used by people but depend on topic and some of maybe funny.

  • WWW - World Wide Web
  • WWW - Wild Wild West
  • WWW - Win Win Win
  • WWW - Wait Wait Wait
  • WWW - Who? What? Where?
  • WWW - We Will Win
  • WWW - While We Wait
  • WWW - When, Where, Why
  • WWW - World Wide Wait
  • WWW - Where Were We?
  • WWW - World Wide War
  • WWW - We Won't Work
  • WWW - Why We Wait?

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