𝐒𝐓𝐃 Full Form, What is the Full Form of 【𝐒𝐓𝐃】?

std full form

(1) STD Full Form

The Full Form of STD is Subscriber Trunk Dialing or Subscriber Toll Dialing. STD is used to allow subscriber to dial trunk calls for a long distance without any operator assistance. This system was started in 1958 and completed in 1979. It is used in UK, India, Australia, Republic of Ireland and South East Asia. In USA, it is called Direct Distance Dialing. Furthermore, it is a system that specifies STD codes for each area called area codes, these codes should be dialed by the subscriber before the phone number to make a call.

(2) STD Full Form

STD full form is Sexually transmitted Diseases. It is some kind of infection that is commonly spread by having sex, especially vaginal intercourse, anal and oral sex. STDs also referred as STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections), and (VD) Venereal Diseases. But these diseases are very risky because most of the STDs initially don't cause symptoms, it has a greater risk of passing these diseases to the others.

Symptoms and signs of the STDs:

Causes of STDs:


Other Full Form of STD

Following are some other full form of std used by different people but depend on topic or particular conservation.

  • STD - Sexually Transmitted Disease
  • STD - Subscriber Trunk Dialing
  • STD - Short Term Disability
  • STD - Saves The Day
  • STD - State Transition Diagram
  • STD - Save The Date
  • STD - Stop The Disease
  • STD - Shoot The Dummy
  • STD - Simple To Design

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