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rip full form

RIP Full Form

The Full Form of RIP is Rest In Peace. RIP word is used by Christians because they don't burn the dead bodies but burry them. It is the phrase commonly written on the grave of the Catholics so that after death, their soul rest in peace. It is the Christians belief that God will do justice to them on the Day of Judgment, till then the body must be rest in peace. This strong faith is written in the Bible of the Christians.

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In the 18th Century, the use of this phrase became very common on Christian Tombs. This term is mostly used in Christians religion and no other religion uses it.

Other RIP Full Forms

There are various full form of rip used by different people in different situations.

  • RIP - Rest In Peace
  • RIP - Recovery Is Possible
  • RIP - Raster Image Processor
  • RIP - Regulation of Investigatory Powers
  • RIP - Rest In pieces
  • RIP - Requiescat In Pace
  • RIP - Rest In Pain
  • RIP - Router Information Protocol
  • RIP - Raw In Process
  • RIP - Rest In Pizza
  • RIP - Reading Incentive Program
  • RIP - Remote Access Graphics
  • RIP - Repair In Place

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