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ps full form

PS Full Form

The Full Form of PS is Postscript. It is a word derived from Latin post scriptum which means "written after". A postscript may be a sentence, line, paragraph added after the signature of a letter and sometimes it is added in the main body of an essay or book. There may be different reasons to add postscript such as to express an afterthought or to provide the additional information. So, it is the best and simple way to enhance your submission and reinforce your message.

PS should be written in a good way. It must begin with P.S before the message. It should be added at the end of the letter after the signature line. Also skip a line after the signature line to add postscript. Postscript is usually added in letters, websites, Emails, Blog/Articles, etc.

Other PS Full Form

There are some other full form of PS used by different people on different topics, some of in the below.

  • PS - Phantasy Star
  • PS - Power Supply
  • PS - Parti Socialiste
  • PS - Paint Shop
  • PS - Progressive Scan
  • PS - Per Second
  • PS - Public Service
  • PS - Personalized Setting
  • PS - Primary School
  • PS - Public School
  • PS - Photoshop
  • PS - Professional Services
  • PS - Print Server
  • PS - Point Source
  • PS - Post Scriptum
  • PS - Power Save
  • PS - Physical Strength

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