▷ 𝐎𝐊 Full Form, What does “OK” stands for?

ok full form

OK Full Form

Originally Answered: The full form of OK is "OLL Korrect" a jokey misspelling which means All Right and also known as All Correct both are same and frequently word used on the planet. It is mostly used for acceptance, approval, agreement and acknowledgment. One also suggests that OK is a short form of OKAY that is officially correct which also means Alright. It is also the big miss conception to peoples that the full form of OK is "Objection Killed", It's not an original full form of OK. It was used on March 23, 1839 on War by American Soldiers.

History of OK full form

When I was in High School, I asked my English teacher what is the full form of OK? He taught that in ancient days the War was common. When the army was asked how much of our soldiers were left, if no one killed they report it as 0 killed. The zero killed mean positive number which means Alright.

I researched a lot and came to know that according to Wikipedia, the American Democratic political party claimed during the 1840 United States presidential election which stood for "Old Kinderhook" as a nickname for Martin Van Buren. In response, Whig opponents said OK, in the sense of "Oll Korrect," to Andrew Jackson's bad spelling. Then it becomes popular in the United States.

Other OK Full Form

There are various full form of ok, depend on the present condition but the most we use in the 21st Century is OK or Okay which means Alright.

  • OK - Okay
  • OK - Objection Killed
  • OK - One Kiss
  • OK - Over Kill
  • OK - Olla Kalla
  • OK - Order Known
  • OK - Obvious Knowledge
  • OK - Outside Knowledge
  • OK - Over Kill
  • OK - Zero Killed
  • OK - Oll Korrect
  • OK - Occupational Knowledge International
  • OK - Organized Konfugson
  • OK - Oscillating Klystron
  • OK - On Kerosene

If you have any query left in your mind and you still trying to say that OK full form is "Objection Killed" comment in the below I will reply you soon. Thanks for Reading.