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nrc full form

NRC Full Form

NRC stands for National Register of Citizens. It is the register that tells about the genuine Indian citizens. It was a test that began in 1951 to see that who is a genuine Hindu resident. In this difficult test, it is said that you should take all the data about yourself and your whole family, your entire generation from one generation to the next so that we can indentify your identity.

Government made a fuss that there should be an NRC in the country so that according to it, who are the Hindus? But Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and several other senior Ministers rightly said, there is no need to conduct NRC in the country just to be aware of it.

History of NRC (National Regsiter of Citizen)

National Regsiter of Citizen demand was raised by Assam people of Western India. Assam is a state of India where both Muslims and Hindus live together, most of whom are Hindu and government used to separate Hindus from Muslims so that they could carry out their culture, triditions and duties.

In Assam Indian Government had a lot more to do for India, so they wanted to separate Hindus from Muslims to do so.

Then in 1951 the Indian Government issued an order that those who are Hindus should bring all the data of their family from one generation to another so that we can indentify who is genuine Hindu.

Other NRC Full Form

Following are some other full form of nrc, that is based on other topics as well.

  • NRC - National Research Council
  • NRC - Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • NRC - National Resource Center
  • NRC - Non-Recurring Charge
  • NRC - National Registration Card
  • NRC - No Right Click
  • NRC - Network Reliability Center
  • NRC - Not Really Concerned
  • NRC - New Royal Calendar

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