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jpeg full form

JPEG/JPG Full Form

JPG is usually known as JPEG. The Full Form of JPG/JPEG is Joint Photographic Expert Group. It a joint working group of (ISO) International Standardization Organization and (IEC) International Electrotechnical Commission. JPEG is the method of compressing graphic images. It is most often used with its filename extension like .jpg or .jpeg. Generally, it is used to compress digital images. JPEG is a lossy compression technique to compress images without losing its resolution because some information is lost while compression. It can reduce up to 5% of its actual size with the loss of some information.

JPEG is mostly used to send photographs on the internet, it supports a maximum size of image 65535x65535 pixels. JPEG file format is supported on the World Wide Web, whereas a JPEG can have a much smaller file size than PNG.

Advantages of Using JPEG:

  • High Resolution
  • Smaller File Size
  • Adjustable Compression

Disadvantages of Using PNG:

  • Lossy Compression
  • Inflexible Application
  • No Support for Opacity
Other Full Form of JPEG

Following are some other jpeg full form used by different people on a particular topic.

  • JPG - Jean Paul Gaultier
  • JPG - Joint Planning Guidance
  • JPG - Joint Persistent Goal
  • JPG - Jolly Pink Giant
  • JPG - Joint Planning Group
  • JPG - Justin Paul Goodrich
  • JPG - Joint Programming Guidance
  • JPG - Joint Presidents Group

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