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gps full form

GPS Full Form

The Full Form of GPS is Global Positioning System. GPS is a satellite-based navigation system used to determine the ground position of an object. It uses radio waves between satellites and receiver to provide exact location, velocity, and time 24 hours a day, all-weather conditions from all over the world. GPS is widely used to track vehicles and follow the best route from one place to another. It was actually developed or maintained by US Department of Defense to assist soldiers and military vehicles and made it accessible to anyone having a GPS receiver.

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The first GPS was developed in the 1960s to navigate US Navy on the oceans more accurately. Now GPS is widely used to find the exact location, navigate from one position to another, track the movement of the person or an object, check the traffic from Google Maps, etc.

GPS Working

GPS is a network of 30 satellites orbiting around the Earth at a height of 20,000 km. GPS signals travel at the speed of light that calculates how far away each satellite is and how long it took for the messages to arrive.

Parts of GPS

There are 3 parts of GPS are given in the below.

  • Space Segment
  • Segment
  • User Segment
Other GPS Full Form

There are also some other full form of GPS used but depend on a particular topic.

  • GPS - Global Positioning System
  • GPS - Girlfriend Positioning System
  • GPS - Gravity Plating System
  • GPS - Global Program Studies
  • GPS - Going Perfectly Straight
  • GPS - General Pavement Studies
  • GPS - Giant Penguin Slingshot
  • GPS - Gunners Primary Sight
  • GPS - The Gap, Incorporated
  • GPS - Generac Power Systems
  • GPS - God Planning Success
  • GPS - Global Public Square

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