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cv full form

CV Full Form

The Full Form of CV is Curriculum Vitae. It is a latin word. CV is the written overview on the paper about person's educational qualifications and other experiences. It is a complete profile of candidate including his full name, phone number, email id, educational qualification, achievements, hobbies, langauge known, soft skills like computer skills, interest, status etc. An ideal CV must not contain more than 2 or 3 A4 size pages.

You don't need to provide your photo, salary history, references nor don't need to explain why you left your previous job. All this information to be provided to the employee separately.

In most of the wealthy countries like Ireland, UK, USA etc, CV doesn't contain more than 2 pages. It only contains the summary of job seekers employment history, educational information and some personal information. Some companied fo Asia also demand the photo of the applicant, date of birth and most recent salary information.

CV Writing Tips

  • Get the basics right
  • Presentation is key
  • Stick to no more than two pages of A4
  • Understand the job description
  • Tailor the CV to the role
  • Making the most of skills
  • Making the most of interests
  • Making the most of experience
  • Including references
  • Keep your CV updated

Other CV Full Form

Following are some other full form of cv given below, used by different poeple on different topic.

  • CV - Current Value
  • CV - Critical Value
  • CV - Constant Velocity
  • CV - Computer Virus
  • CV - Customer Value
  • CV - Campus Visit

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