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cpu full form

CPU Full Form

The Full Form of CPU is Central Processing Unit. It is considered as the Brain of the computer. It is also known as Processor. It is the most important component of the computer. It processes the data according to the given instruction and converts into the useful information. CPU used in personal computer consists of a single chip called microprocessor.

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CPU is located on the motherboard inside the system unit. All the components of computer are connected to the CPU through Bus Interconnection. CPU sends and receives data to and from different components of the computer through Bus Interconnection.

Components of CPU

  • Control Unit: (CU) Control Unit is the most important part of CPU. It acts as supervisor of the computer. It controls all parts of the computer and coordinates all the activities in the computer. It receives the data and instructions from input device and stores them in the main memory.

  • Arithmetic Logical Unit: (ALU) ALU is another important component of CPU. It performs all the arithmetic and logical operations on data.

  • Registers: Registers are the small storage space inside the CPU that is used to store data and instruction during the program execution.

Other CPU Full Form

Here are some other full form of CPU that is used by different people in different situations.

  • CPU - Central Processing Unit
  • CPU - Cost Per Unit
  • CPU - Ceramic Public Urinal
  • CPU - Core Processing Unit
  • CPU - Computer Parts Unlimited
  • CPU - Command Processing Unit
  • CPU - Clever People Understand
  • CPU - Common Part User
  • CPU - Computing Processing Unit
  • CPU - Computer Power User

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