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computer full form

Computer Full Form

The Full Form of Computer is Commonly Operating Machine Particular Used for Technical and Educational Research. It is an electronic machine which is used to do a large amount of work in a very short period of time. So in a simple word computer is an electronic device that is used for fast calculation. Because of Computer, the world is just like a click away. Everything could be done within a second. It is used by industries, organizations, schools, colleges, software houses etc.

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A computer is a very fast machine. It always gives accurate results. The purpose of computer is to calculations, store data, process information and store data permanently.

Other Computer Full Form

Here is some other full form of computer used by most people in different situations.

  • COMPUTER - Common Operating Machine Particularly Used for Technical and Educational Research

  • COMPUTER - Common Oriented Machine Particularly Used for Trade Education and Research

  • COMPUTER - Common Operations Made Possible Under Technical Engineering Researches

  • COMPUTER - Computing Oriented Manipulation Programming Used in Technology Education and Research

  • COMPUTER - Commonly operating machine programming useful technology electronic research

  • COMPUTER - Commonly Operating Machine Particularly Used for Trade Export and Research

  • COMPUTER - Computer Operating Memory Particularly Used for Transfer Educational Research

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